What Are Bathtub Liners?

A bathtub liner is a fast way to update your bathroom without a lot of demolition and mess. Renovating an older bathtub with a liner is a relatively straightforward task: a bathtub insert or overlay is fitted over the existing bathtub and then bonded in place. Because of their convenience, acrylic liners are traditionally used as a means to improve the overall appearance of older bathtubs that may be victims of damage. By using an acrylic liner, the entire tub will no longer need to be replaced — something that can end up being a far costlier venture.

What Are The Advantages?

Once the liner is installed, the material is virtually maintenance free. There are several styles and colors to choose from, allowing for any type of aesthetic you might have in mind. Acrylic is also a substance that will last for a very long time; with a little care, it can last through a lifetime of regular use. Our technicians can generally install the entire bathtub liner in about half a day, when an entire bathroom remodel can often take a few days at the very least. Removing an entire bathtub is messy, takes a large amount of time, and requires reorganization of the plumbing. An acrylic liner installation demands none of this.

Bathmaster acrylic walls offer a convenient and affordable solutions for an easy bathroom upgrade

Bathmaster offers a variety of bathtub liners with solid, premium build that can virtually transform your bathroom in as fast as one day. The panel height on our liners reaches 98.5 inches, which will allow for floor-to-ceiling installation in most cases. These liners can either cover existing tile for a quick renovation, or be placed on drywall for a brand new installation.

Choose from four standard to ten premium color options with eight simulated tile patterns. Do you have accessories in your tub? No problem — we have corner caddy shelves, soap dishes, shaving stands, and corner seats in different sizes and shapes.


If you imagine a bathtub liner or shower enclosure is merely a set of thin, loosely connected plastic panels — think again! Our EasyCare system incorporates every advance in materials and design that has been developed over the past 37 years, including:

  • Cross-linked acrylic for strength, durability and scratch resistance
  • Exclusive acrylic construction is 3x thicker and guaranteed not to bow, break or crack
  • Thickest shower material in the industry
  • 400% more resistant to scratches
  • Built-In protection against mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Proprietary seal installation for added security
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning

Does a high-tech bathtub liner sound like a great idea for your bathroom? Contact Bathmaster now and get an estimate!